Factors That Determine Child Custody Jurisdiction

For a court to rule on a child custody issue, the court must have jurisdiction over the child. Below are the major factors, as outlined in the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA), which determine which state has jurisdiction over a child. Home State Priority is usually given to the child's home state.  If the child is at least six months old, then the child's home state is the state where they have been living for the last six months prior to the instigation of the legal action (custody issue). [Read More]

How To Defend Yourself From A Sexual Assault Claim

Getting accused of sexual assault or any other kind of sexually related crime can really turn your entire world upside down. This could be terrible for you if you know for sure that did not do what you are being accused of. If this sounds like your situation, you will need a criminal law attorney who can provide you with a proper defense. Here are some of the ways you can defend yourself from a sexual assault claim. [Read More]

Three Types Of Elliptical Trainer Problems That Could Result In Injury

Using an elliptical trainer at your local gym can provide a quality workout that helps you to burn fat, build muscle, and work toward the fit physique that you dream about. If you're dedicated to using this machine regularly, you'll likely be familiar with how to do so safely. However, there's always a risk of an injury while you're using an elliptical machine, and while a misstep or fatigue on your part could be the catalyst for the injury, it's also possible that a defect in the machine could be to blame. [Read More]

What About Your Pain And Suffering?

Being compensated after a car accident can mean being paid for a variety of damages. One of the least understood of those damages is probably pain and suffering. Accident victims naturally wonder how anyone could put a price tag on how much pain they've suffered as a result of a careless driver. For the answer and some tips on making sure you get all you deserve for your pain and suffering, read on. [Read More]