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Essential Parts Of A Living Will

A living will is not the same thing as a standard will, but it is an essential tool with estate planning. If you are not familiar with this term but want to execute your estate plan properly, you should learn more about it. Here are some of the essential parts of a living will that you should know about as you start planning for the future.

It Lets You Create Instructions for Medical Care

The primary purpose of a living will is to let you create instructions for medical care if necessary. The benefit of this is that you get to make these instructions while you are alive and have a mind capable of determining major decisions. In your living will, you can decide if you want to stay on life support or not.

You can also decide what types of medical care you prefer if you ever end up in a state of vegetation or any serious health state. If you do not make these decisions now, someone close to you might have to make them for you later. The trouble is that they might not choose what you would select.

It Becomes Effective Only When Certain Conditions Exist

One essential thing to understand about a living will is that the instructions you make on it will not become effective until certain conditions exist. The primary condition is that you must be in a health situation where you physically or mentally cannot make the decisions yourself. If you land in a position like this, your family could present your living will to the medical facility. Legally, they are required to do what it says.

It Is Wise to Talk to a Doctor and Lawyer Before Creating a Living Will

Before you make a living will, it is wise to speak with a doctor and a lawyer about it. By talking to a doctor, you can learn your options and ask questions about them. When you seek more information about these choices, you will make an informed decision. Speaking with a lawyer is helpful to learn more details about what to include in this document.

You do not have to create a living will when planning your estate, but it is a helpful tool to have. To learn more about how this protects you and your family, or to create one, talk to a lawyer who offers estate planning services such as those at Wright Law Offices, PLLC.