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2 Things To Do To Help Your Divorce Go Smoothly

Even if you have the most amicable divorce ever and you and your former spouse have worked everything out, divorce can be difficult. It's also not something you should do on your own, especially if you are dealing with things like shared assets and children. That means that you need to have an attorney who can be on your side and help you out. If your divorce is less than amicable, then you need an attorney. There are some things that your attorney will suggest you do which will help you with your divorce. 

Limit Contact

One thing that your divorce attorney will recommend you do is to limit contact with your former spouse. If your divorce is really acrimonious, they may suggest that all communication goes through the attorneys. That way, there are no miscommunications, there is a record, and you and your former spouse aren't antagonizing each other. If you have to communicate with your former spouse, make sure it's about your children or other subjects surrounding your divorce. Keep the communication in writing, if possible, through text messages or emails. That leaves an accurate record of what you and your former spouse discussed. 

Follow Temporary Orders

If you have a temporary custody order in place, you need to do everything you can to follow the order as it was written. You may not particularly care for how the order is set up, but you must follow it as written. It shows that you are willing to co-parent with your former spouse. If you have concerns about the order, take it to your attorney and have them get in contact with the court about it instead of just ignoring it or doing something on your own. If you are following the temporary custody order and your former spouse isn't, it will look better for you at the final custody hearing, and the court may be more disposed to look favorably on your side of the case. 

Ending a marriage is always a tricky thing, even if it is something that you want to happen. You need to have an attorney who can help you with your case. They can make things go smoother and get the divorce done quickly. Your attorney will give you a few tips on things you can do that will help the whole process along. Anything that can help your divorce along is a good thing. 

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