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Reasons To Get A DUI Defense Attorney

If you're facing an arrest for driving under the influence, you may not know the best action to take. Sometimes, negotiating with your officer may aggravate the situation, leading to a more serious charge. Hence, hiring a DUI defense attorney may be necessary, and here's why.

Legal Counsel

Your DUI defense attorney may have dealt with a similar case to yours. Such experience and an in-depth understanding of the law can help your attorney provide professional advice. For instance, your attorney may analyze your case and present you with options that you can take. Sometimes, your DUI defense attorney may advise you to plead innocent if they have enough evidence to win your case.

In contrast, if the court collects sufficient proof of a violation, your lawyer may advise you to take a plea deal bargain. In such cases, you plead guilty to a lesser offense to get a less harsh sentencing or a case dismissal. However, your lawyer will provide you with the pros and cons of the available options they provide, which may help you make the correct legal decisions.

Out-Of-Court Settlements

After a DUI incident, you can settle your case outside of court. This helps you save time as you avoid court dates. Also, out-of-court settlements save money since you avoid legal fee payments to the court. Fortunately, a DUI defense attorney can help determine when to choose these settlements. 

For example, if you're well-behaved when dealing with an officer and have no previous DUI or criminal history, an out-of-court settlement may work in your favor. Besides, your lawyer can negotiate on your behalf, potentially reducing charges.

Evidence Collection and Presentation

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs may result in serious accidents that may cause death, injuries to victims, or property damage and loss. Given these possible outcomes, DUI charges may result in harsh punishment, including hefty fine payments, license suspension or revocation, and jail time.

Therefore, self-representation may not be a good idea as you may face experienced lawyers in court who may intimidate you. So, you need a DUI defense attorney to collect sufficient evidence, such as video, witness statements, and police reports. Your lawyer may present this evidence compellingly in court, increasing the chances of winning your case.

DUI attorney services can provide you with legal counsel, take charge during out-of-court settlements and collect and present evidence in court. Consider hiring a DUI defense attorney in your area for these reasons.