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Mediation As A Conflict Resolution Tool In The Community

Conflicts are part of human interaction. As such, people need reliable and effective conflict resolution mechanisms to maintain order and ensure they live in harmony. Most people often resolve their disputes legally because they assume that it is the best way to solve conflicts. However, the legal system adopts a more adversarial approach, thus affecting people's relationships and leading to extreme or unfair outcomes. Most communities use other conflict resolution mechanisms, such as community mediation, to achieve acceptable outcomes in a friendly manner. Community mediator services provide community members with a conflict resolution platform enabling the disputing parties to sort their problems in a confidential and informal setting under a certified mediator. The mediators are impartial and aid the disputing parties in having a fair outcome. The mediation process occurs in three stages: the introductory meeting, the dispute resolution meeting, and the agreement stage. Here are a few reasons why community mediator services are essential in conflict and dispute resolutions:

They are Timely and Effective

Most people usually use the court process to solve their disputes. However, this process is long and convoluted. Those using this dispute resolution method must follow strict timelines and procedures that make the process lengthy. As such, you are forced to spend a lot of time in court before solving the dispute. Furthermore, these legal proceedings might hinder your business, especially if the dispute is related to it. Thus, people should consider using the mediation conflict resolution method since it is faster than the court process. The community mediator services are required to listen to both parties' issues and provide a fair solution. No paperwork is needed, and parties are not required to provide witnesses, making the entire process swift and effective. 

They are Affordable

Using the court system as a dispute resolution method is expensive. The disputing parties must hire the best lawyers to enhance their chances of winning. Moreover, they must pay court fees to facilitate the process. Thus, those with minor disputes should look for the best community mediator services because they are cheap. You will not have to hire a lawyer, and the mediator's fees are split between the parties, making the dispute resolution process affordable.

They Help to Preserve Relationships

The community mediator services preserve the conflicting parties' relationship after solving the dispute. The legal process has a winner takes all approach, which entails one party winning at the other party's expense. In contrast, mediation is flexible since the mediator helps the parties formulate a fair solution that ensures each party is happy, thus preserving their relationship. Thus, all disputing parties should consider consulting the community mediator services to help them resolve their disputes and maintain their relationships.