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Dental Malpractice: What Happens If Your Nerves Are Damaged

When you go to the dentist for a common oral procedure, you do not expect to receive an injury. Like any other healthcare provider, a dentist can injure patients. Dental injuries can be dangerous and impact the nerves in your face. Some of these nerve-related injuries can leave you with the inability to taste anything or cause you to lose feeling in parts of your mouth. Many injuries can impact you for the rest of your life. If you are injured by your dentist, leaving you with major nerve damage, there are some things you need to know:

How Can You Suffer Nerve Damage at the Dentist?

The gums and jawbone include many nerves that help keep your teeth alive. Almost any type of surgical procedure or tooth extraction can result in issues with the nerves in your mouth. If a tooth is removed improperly or if the gum line is cut wrong, nerves can be damaged or severed completely. This can lead to permanent nerve problems.

Which Nerves Are Impacted?

There are specific nerves that are most commonly impacted during dental procedures. One nerve is the mental nerve. This nerve controls the bottom lip. If damaged, the mental nerve can cause your lower lip to become paralyzed or can droop permanently. The damage can also cause a lot of pain.

Another nerve impacted by the dentist is the inferior alveolar nerve. This nerve impacts the interior of the gums. Any damage to this nerve can cause prolonged pain and tingling.

Finally, the lingual nerve is a nerve that can be impacted when you have your wisdom teeth removed. You can suffer from the inability to taste and have strange sensations. Damage can also cause burning sensations.

What Can You Do if Your Nerves Are Damaged at the Dentist?

If your nerves are damaged during a dental appointment, there may or may not be anything that can be done to repair the damage. Before you do anything, call your attorney. You are going to likely need lifelong therapies and possible surgical procedures to help alleviate your pain.

Your attorney will file a malpractice lawsuit to help pay for your future medical care as a result of the damage done by the dentist. If you win your case, you can expect to have your medical expenses covered. You may even receive compensation for your pain and suffering.

Contact a medical malpractice attorney in your area for more information.