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3 Reasons To Fill Open Positions Through An Attorney Recruiter

The success of a law firm depends on the quality of the attorneys employed by the firm. Skilled attorneys have the ability to attract high-profile clients, which will bring in more revenue for the firm over time.

Working with an attorney recruiter can be beneficial when you have open positions to fill within your law firm. Learn more about the unique services an attorney recruiter can offer.

1. Reduce Recruiting Costs

The process of finding a new attorney for your firm can be costly. You must invest in the advertisement of the position, spend time sorting through resumes, and take time away from your caseload to interview potential candidates.

Working with an attorney recruiter can significantly reduce these costs. A recruiter handles the hiring process up through the interview phase. This means that you won't have to worry about posting a job opening and responding to questions.

Many recruiting agencies work on contingency, which means you only pay for their services if a suitable candidate is found and hired by your firm.

2. Reach a Wider Audience

Some of the most talented and skilled attorneys are already employed by firms across the country.

An attorney recruiter spends time identifying promising young attorneys and contacting them regularly. This allows you to take advantage of not only an active pool of attorneys seeking employment but to tap into a passive market of experienced prospects as well.

A recruiting agency can evaluate your firm's unique needs, then reach out to employed attorneys who might serve as an asset to your firm. It would be almost impossible for your firm to draw these passive candidates away from their current positions without the help of a recruiting agency.

3. Improve Your Firm

One of the more surprising benefits an attorney recruiter can offer is the opportunity for your firm to improve its reputation within the industry.

Each candidate who interviews with your firm will meet with a recruiter afterward to give their feedback. This allows the recruiter to collect information that your firm might not otherwise be able to access.

You can use the feedback given by candidates to make your firm more appealing to potential attorneys. The more appealing your firm becomes, the more likely you are to attract the type of talented attorney that can increase your firm's revenue and prestige.

If you are looking to hire a new attorney, trust your firm's future in the hands of an experienced recruiter.