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Three Types Of Elliptical Trainer Problems That Could Result In Injury

Using an elliptical trainer at your local gym can provide a quality workout that helps you to burn fat, build muscle, and work toward the fit physique that you dream about. If you're dedicated to using this machine regularly, you'll likely be familiar with how to do so safely. However, there's always a risk of an injury while you're using an elliptical machine, and while a misstep or fatigue on your part could be the catalyst for the injury, it's also possible that a defect in the machine could be to blame. Product liability is a part of personal injury law, so if you've been hurt and you believe that the gym's machine was to blame, speak to a personal injury attorney.

Foot Pedal Problems

One way that you could potentially get injured while using an elliptical machine is due to the failure of either of the foot pedals. The machine's pedals are designed to hold your body weight, and in the event of one of them breaking underneath you, you could fall off the machine. This type of fall, especially if it were to occur quickly and without warning, could result in all sorts of injuries, from head injuries to broken bones, all because of this product defect.

Faulty Stop Button

Elliptical machines are often equipped with an emergency stop button that the user can tap, or pull a cord that is attached to the button, as a way of quickly stopping the machine's foot pedals from continuing to rotate. If you were to quickly get tired during your workout or perhaps sustain a muscle cramp that requires you to stop moving immediately, you might have tried to engage the stop button only for it not to respond. The result could be that you could fall off the elliptical machine due to your fatigue or injury. Your attorney would argue that you wouldn't have fallen if not for the faulty button.

Handle Problems

Some people use elliptical trainers without touching the handles. Others hang onto these handles as a way of engaging the muscles in their shoulders and arms. Depending on how you use the handles, you may have a certain amount of your weight on them. If one of the handles were to be defective, perhaps not correctly mounting to the central housing of the machine in a stable manner, it could snap off and leave you tumbling to the floor, potentially getting seriously hurt.