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Why Jury Selection Is So Important For Your Criminal Trial

As you face criminal charges and elect to go through a trial instead of admitting guilt or accepting a plea bargain, you will reach the date when jury selection begins. Jury selection is vital for any criminal trial, and it is something that your lawyer will be very selective with. Here are the reasons jury selection is so important for your trial, as well as some information about how your lawyer chooses jurors for your case.

The Reasons Jury Selection Matters So Much

In a criminal trial, the jurors are responsible for not only hearing the case but to also determine if the defendant is guilty or not. This means that the jury is responsible for your fate if you are facing a criminal trial, and this is why jury selection is so important. If the wrong jurors are selected, you might not stand a chance of winning your case, as the jurors might already have their decision in mind before even hearing the information.

The goal of choosing a jury for your case is to not only find people who are eligible for serving as jurors but to also find people that are completely unbiased. It is also important to find people who have no information about the case or those involved. When you have jurors like this, it will give you a chance for a trial that is fair for you.

What Your Lawyer Looks for When Selecting Jurors

During the jury selection process, the prosecution and the defense will both have the opportunity to question potential jurors. In fact, there may be 50 to 100 potential jurors in the room, and the lawyer might have to question all of them in order to find the right jurors. At any point, your lawyer or the prosecution can dismiss jurors if they do not meet the requirements the lawyers have.

Your lawyer will primarily be looking for people who are honest, fair, and unbiased. Your lawyer will ask questions about the person's reactions to certain types of situations as a way of finding out the person's views and beliefs. Over the course of the process, your lawyer will hopefully end up with jurors that all appear completely unbiased and fair.

Understanding how jury selection works and the importance of it can help you know what is going on with your case and why it is happening. To learn more about what to expect with your trial, contact a criminal lawyer and a jury selection service today.