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Don't Let Laser Eye Surgery Lead To A Traffic Ticket

If you've worn glasses for a long time, you might finally be ready to correct your vision through laser eye surgery. Getting this procedure means that you'll no longer have to wear glasses, which you'll likely find to be liberating. Getting a traffic ticket in the wake of your laser eye surgery might be the last thing that you expect to happen, but this is possible. If you've worn glasses, your driver's license will state that you require corrective lenses to drive. In the event that a police officer pulls you over for any suspected infraction and notices that you aren't wearing your glasses, you're apt to get an additional ticket. Here are some ways to prevent this charge.

Get Your License Changed

One of your top priorities in the wake of getting laser eye surgery should be to get your driver's license changed to reflect this change in your vision. Visit your local license bureau to explain the change, and make sure to have documentation from the laser eye surgery clinic that will back up your claim. You'll then fill out some paperwork that the licensing agent will file on your behalf, and you'll receive a new driver's license in the mail in a short period of time that no longer stipulates your need for corrective lenses while driving.

Carry Your Paperwork With You

It will be a while before you get your revised driver's license, even if you apply for the change just a few days after your laser eye surgery. This means that you'll still be carrying a driver's license that stipulates your need for corrective lenses until the new license arrives. Make sure that you carry some documentation from the clinic in your vehicle. In the event that a police officer stops you and questions you for not wearing glasses, you can explain that you're waiting for your revised license and show him or her the documentation that proves you've had laser eye surgery.

Fight The Charge

If you've ended up getting a ticket for not wearing glasses — even though you don't need to after you've had laser eye surgery — don't simply pay the fine. Instead, hire an attorney who helps clients to fight traffic tickets, such as Kevin T Conway Esq Pc. As long as you can prove that you've had laser eye surgery, which will be an easy task, there's a high probability that your attorney will be able to get this charge dismissed in court.