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Spouse Injured In A Car Accident? Learn What Role You Play

Your spouse was injured in a motor vehicle accident. When it comes to their personal injury claim, it's up to them to fight their own battle, right? The short is answer is no. As their partner, you play an important role in the claim process and your participation is vital to the success of their case. If you're wondering what role you play, here are some helpful details.     

Become The Medical Treatment Supervisor

If your spouse sustained significant injures during the accident, you will assume the role of medical treatment supervisor. All this fancy tittle means is that it's up to you to ensure your spouse is both receiving and adhering to prescribed medical treatment.

When it comes to personal injury claims, a failure to be treated correctly can result in a denial of a claim. On the part of the insurance company, if the injured individual isn't willing to be treated, they can assume that their condition must not be as bad as they claim. Ensure your spouse stays on target.

Ensure Swift Processing Of The Claim

For married individuals, the law often states that both you and your spouse must agree and be made aware of certain terms before legal proceedings can move forward. This is especially the case when it comes to receiving compensation for personal injury claims.

Generally, before your spouse can be awarded compensation, you have to also sign off in agreement with the offer. The longer you wait to complete this step, the longer it takes to receive payment.

Assess Your Own Needs And Losses

When an individual is injured, their injuries don't just impact themselves. The entire family can sometimes also suffer. When the negligent actions of the other driver are solely to blame, you may seek compensation for your needs or losses.

For instance, if your spouse's injuries will prevent them from being able to share the same level of affection or intimacy with you, has caused infertility problems or has even limited their ability to engage as they once did with any existing children, you have a legal right to submit a claim for loss of companionship or affection for you and your family.

An attorney can help you determine what other important steps you need to take as part of the personal injury claim and ensure that your spouse, yourself and the rest of your family is protected. Find out more.