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Examples Of Child Abuse Through Acts Of Omission

You can be charged with child abuse if you cause injury to a child. You can cause injury to a child either by doing something or failing to do something, although many people are more familiar with actions rather than omissions as causes of child abuse. Here are three examples of child abuse through omissions.

Denying Medical Treatment

As a parent, it's your responsibility to provide your child with medical care. The medical care should be timely, appropriate, and adequate for the child. Thus, you are committing child abuse if you deny your child medical attention.

This may seem like one of the most unlikely things a parent may do, but it isn't as farfetched as you may think. For example, many people accused of denying their kids medical care don't set out intentionally to cause their children harm. For example, if your religion teaches against blood transfusion, you may find yourself refusing the treatment for your child, even if the doctor proclaims it's the best medical move for the child.

Failing To Nourish Your Child Properly

Just like proper medical care, your child also depends on you for proper nutrition and nourishment, and it's an abuse to deny them that. Again, you aren't safe just because you haven't set out to deny your child proper meals; this abusive act of omission can come through other ways.

Consider an example in which you are a salesperson, and due to the nature of your job, you are constantly on the road. You don't have a caretaker, so you routinely let your child order whatever they wish for meals. Your child has a sweet tooth and loves ice cream, so this is what they feed on whenever you are out. If this harms the child, as it will if it goes on for a long time, you will be accused of child abuse.

Inadequate Supervision

Lastly, you may also be facing child abuse charges if you fail to supervise your child, and the failure leads to the child's injuries. Since children are incapable of taking care of themselves, the parent or the caregiver should supervise the child and make sure no harm comes to them. Therefore, if you leave your child alone while running errands, you may be accused of child abuse if the child goes to the kitchen and cuts themselves with a knife.

It's clear that child abuse accusations do not always arise out of evil intentions or malice from parents or caregivers. Therefore, you need to be familiar with your state's laws on child abuse and make sure you adhere to them even if they are contrary to your beliefs or lifestyle. Consult a lawyer like John Alegria Attorney at Law to defend yourself if you feel you have been wrongly accused of child abuse.