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A Double Doozy ~ Injured In A Car Wreck And Employed ~ Solutions To Both

Were you injured in a car accident and now have concerns about returning to work? You may fear losing your job, or perhaps you are concerned about being able to pay your bills. The following tips can help you to better understand how to handle the issues that getting injured in a car accident while employed may pose. 

Stick with doctor recommendations regardless of how you feel.

Some people get frustrated during the claims process due to bills continuing to pile up. This may cause them to want to rush to return to work. If your doctor has advised you against any type of work activity, do not attempt to go to work even if you start feeling better.

You should discuss your concerns and how you feel with your doctor first. They can examine you again and make a determination. Going back to work too soon on your own could cause multiple problems. You could have muscle strains that feel better but have not properly healed. Using the muscles at work could cause you to injure them further, which could cause issues with your case. For example, the insurance company might argue that the new pain is a result of a work injury rather than the car accident.

Your job position may be protected under the Family Medical Leave Act.

Perhaps you are wanting to return to work because you fear being fired. If you are a full-time employee at an employer with more than 50 employees and you have worked 1250 hours or more in the past year, you may be able to take the time off that you need under the act. Unfortunately, it is unpaid time off, but when your case is settled it may include reimbursement for missed time from work.

Go back to work with different duties.

Your employer may be able to extend work to you that is not as intensive as the work you were doing before you got injured. They may refer to this as light-duty, and you may be allowed certain privileges such as leaving work early if you start to feel pain. Take advantage of alternate work opportunities offered by your employer if you are able to perform the work and it does not conflict with your doctor's recommendations. This will keep you in good standing at work, and allow you to pay bills while your case is pending. 

A car accident lawyer, like Gibbs and Parnell, is the best resource to use for complex issues such as returning to work. They can also help you determine which types of compensation you may be entitled to and assist you with proving your damages expeditiously.