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2 Reasons To Hire A Car Accident Attorney

Contacting a lawyer should be at the top of your list of things to do after you have been involved in a car accident, mostly because he or she can help you deal with a variety of accident-related issues. Listed below are just two reasons to hire a car accident lawyer.

Deflecting Blame

One of the most important services offered by a lawyer is to ensure that you do not somehow end taking the blame for causing the accident. This is a vital service as you could end up having to pay for your own repairs and medical treatment if the court is convinced that you caused the accident. To make matters even worse, you could even be ordered to pay for the medical bills and auto repairs for the person who did cause the accident if he or she manages to transfer blame to you.

A lawyer can help you deflect blame away from you by doing some research into the accident itself. For example, a lawyer can look at eyewitness statements and police reports in order to find any references that could help keep the blame firmly on the responsible party. In that situation, your lawyer will look for statements discussing any erratic or reckless driving on the responsible party's part in the moments leading up to the accident.

Another way that your lawyer can help deflect blame is by finding out if the responsible party was distracted when the accident occurred. One way that your lawyer can accomplish this is by checking the responsible party's phone records to see if he or she was talking on the phone or texting while driving.

Negotiating Settlements

A lawyer is also an ideal resource when it comes to making sure that you do not end up taking a settlement offer that is not in your best interests. This is important because an insurance company is only going to offer you the minimum settlement amount that they believe you might take, even if the amount if nowhere near enough to cover your potential medical expenses and vehicle repairs.

In that situation, a lawyer can sit down with you and help you determine the minimum amount of money that you will need in order to recover from the accident. If the amount of the settlement is less than what you need, then your lawyer can negotiate for more or take the insurance company to court in order to get you more.

Contact a lawyer that specializes in auto accidents from a firm like True Guarnieri Ayer LLP today in order to discuss the strength of your case. A lawyer can help you negotiate favorable settlements while also deflecting the blame from you and onto the person who was responsible for the accident.