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Best Ways For Dog Owners To Prevent Bite Injuries

You might think that because your dog is not an aggressive breed, you don't need to worry about your beloved pet biting a friend, neighbor or stranger. The truth is, any dog may bite. In fact, the breeds most commonly implicated in serious bite injuries include collies, spaniels and labs.

Probably the only time you would want your dog to take a chomp out of someone is if that person is breaking into your house or posing a danger to your family. Fortunately, you can take steps to prevent your dog from biting and injuring friendly visitors.

Provide Basic Training

Train your dog to obey commands such as come, stay and down, even when distractions grab his attention. Use a special treat, such as bits of a hot dog, to train him to respond to one word, such as "Come!" Give him the treat every time you say the word and, as he begins to respond more quickly, ask family members to distract him or take him somewhere interesting such as the dog park. Soon he will learn to come every time you call, no matter what else is going on.

Be Vigilant

Watch your dog around new people and in new situations or places. For instance, your pup might be perfectly friendly with other pooches at the dog park, but if a neighbor shows up at your door with her dog, your pet might feel threatened and respond aggressively. Watch for signs, such as a wide "stress yawn," lip curling, raised fur and a rigid stance. If you notice unusual behavior, find a way to give him space or move him to an area where he feels more comfortable.

Let Him Socialize

Helping your dog get used to meeting unknown people and animals or visiting new locations can help prevent biting incidents. Training classes are a terrific place to introduce your pet to other dogs and people in an unfamiliar setting. A professional trainer can show you how to help your pup feel confident and safe, which will make him less likely to nip at others.

If a Bite Occurs

Even when you have done everything right, your dog may still bite someone. If this happens, seek the advice of a personal injury law firm, as you may not be liable. For instance, you may have recourse if the injured person was provoking your dog, trespassing, breaking the law or otherwise careless. Explain the situation to your attorney (like those at Kevin Alexander Law) and find out about the laws in your area.