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5 Signs That Your Employer Might Be Mishandling Your Workers' Compensation Case

If you have recently tried to file for workers' compensation, you may trust that your work will follow through on the process. However, it isn't always this simple and sometimes it is safer to bring in a workers' compensation lawyer to review your case. Here are five warning signs that your work might not follow through with your best interests in mind when it comes to workers' compensation.

1. If Things are Still 'Business as Usual'

If you think you have put in a claim, but are still on regular payroll and have been encouraged to just go to your regular healthcare provider, something may be amiss. If you haven't been seen by a workers' compensation delegated physician and your pay isn't augmented to worker's comp rate, your employer may not have filed. Without this, they might state that your workers' comp claim never even existed, and worse, that you never questioned it and took your full salary.

2. No Documentation of Injury Filed

If you went to your employer to file a claim and explained your injury, you may think you have done your part. If you haven't received a copy of the injury report, there is a chance this was discussed but never filed.

3. Your Claim or Return is Augmented by Insurance

If your insurance is vague with you or things keep changing, this can be a red flag. If specific medical appointments are left off of your claim, or different information is listed about your injury occurrence, you need to look into this. Your insurance provider might be at best making mistakes, and at worst, trying to minimize your case. Either way, getting an attorney to review all documentation is necessary.

4. Your Injuries are Minimized or Denied as Work-Related

If your employer will not take your injuries seriously or denies these things occurred at work, you need to find an attorney right away. Sometimes long-term injuries such as back problems and carpal tunnel are said to not have happened at work, when there might be repetitive evidence to the contrary.

5. If Your Company Delays Your Case

Sometimes employers hope that an injury might just blow over, and they will delay a case until staff get so frustrated that they just give up. If your claims aren't coming back or you have medical bills mounting, getting a lawyer to make sure that your employer is actually following procedure might be necessary.

If you feel as if your work might not be taking your workers' compensation claim seriously, make sure to look out for warning signs. Hiring on a workers' compensation attorney from a firm like Mooney and Associates LLC is the best way to make sure you are covered.