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How A Lawyer Can Help Get You Approved For SSDI Benefits For A Back Injury

Did you injure your back at work and have been in pain ever since, even after undergoing back surgery? You may be able to get social security disability benefits to help you take care of living expenses. Find out below how a lawyer can help you get approved for social security disability insurance (SSDI), and the estimated price to hire one.

How Can a Lawyer Assist with SSDI Approval?

The key to getting approved for SSDI benefits is being able to prove that you have a disability that is not expected to get better. It must be proven that you will no longer be able to do the same type of work or get a stable job because of the symptoms. A lawyer will assess your work and medical history to determine whether you qualify for the benefits.

You must first grant the lawyer permission to obtain your medical records by signing a consent document. He or she will then take notes on how many surgical procedures you have undergone for back pain and the type of medications you have to take. The length of time you have suffered from the condition will also play a role proving your case.

When the lawyer has gathered enough solid evidence, all of the documents will be given to the Social Security Administration in your area. You can actually apply for SSDI without the assistance of a lawyer, but your chances for approval are greater with a legal expert by your side. Having a lawyer will also be helpful in case you are wrongfully denied benefits, as he or she can begin an appeal on your behalf.

What is the Estimated Price for the Services of a Lawyer?

You can expect to pay an estimated hourly rate of $500 or more for the services of a lawyer. The total expenses will depend on how long it takes to get approval for SSDI from the Social Security Administration. However, you can count on a speedy process because a lawyer will make sure you qualify and have sufficient evidence before helping you apply for benefits.

Back problems are not only painful, they are dangerous because the spine is located in the back. Continuous damage to the spine can result in paralysis, so you should avoid work at all costs to prevent it. Consult with an SSDI lawyer at Delay Curran Thompson Pontarolo & Walker P.S. to get compensated for your disability so you can take care of your needs without taking on a job.