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The Dangers Of Practicing Law: How You Can Be Injured Working As A Lawyer

Practicing law seems like it would be the least dangerous job of all. After all, you spend most of your time either in court or in your office. However, there are some work-related injuries which you could suffer in the course of your job.

Combative or Hostile Clients

Unless you deal with known criminals on a daily basis (and some lawyers do!), it comes as a great shock to you when a client or potential client strikes you. It is unexpected. The firm you work for should pay for any medical care you need when a client strikes you hard enough to cause broken bones or lacerations which need stitches. You might also request that your firm assign you to another client or suggest that they refuse to represent such a hostile person.

Slips and Falls on the Courthouse Steps

When this occurs, the maintenance employees who should have salted and deiced the steps are at fault. Yet, you know as a lawyer, that because you were injured on county or state property, you can sue the county and/or state in which you reside and practice law. Your workers compensation lawyer may also advise you to sue the maintenance workers who were on duty on the day in question, just as a precautionary measure.

Injuries Caused by Faulty Equipment

Desk chairs are often to blame for this type of injury. They can tilt too far backwards causing you to hit your head, or the casters break off and you fall to the side. If you have a hot cup of coffee in your hands at the time, that also means you probably had first degree burns where the coffee landed.

Electrical cords can cause you to trip and fall, and bare wire from cords can electrocute you. In addition to all of these potential injuries you could suffer as a lawyer, faulty electrical wiring in your own office could start a fire or cause electrocution as well.

Seeking Help from Your Fellow Lawyers

You may have gone through law school and studied a little workers compensation law, but your injuries, and whether or not you are entitled to workers' compensation may be out of your league.  Check out companies such as The Law Firm of Fitzgerald, Reese & Van Dyne, Co. for help. Workers compensation lawyers can help. If you have a day off or a few minutes to spare, you might want to find one or two and give them a call. Professional connections could put you in the position of receiving benefits for your medical care and time away from your practice.